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Viswatma Chetana Parishad

Viswatma Chetana Parishad

The Philosophy of Today!!
The reality of Tomorrow!!
The Dream of Yesterday!!

By- H.H. Paramahansa Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati

Founded in the 1985,VCP is marching ahead to fullfill its aims and objectives  in an unfailing and unflinching manner .It zealously  exposes the cause of spirituality ,devoting  itself for the service of society as a whole irrespective of  caste , creed , colour ,sect and religion .It  embraces within its fold  every man as a divine  being with full potential  to realize the self .With its branches in many places of Odisha and Chhattisgarh ,it is  untiringly  striving to create a spiritual brotherhood based on love  and respect for one and all.

VCP  has mainly the five-fold objectives -  Sikshya (Education ),Swasthya (Health), Shrama (Labour ), Seva (Service),Sadhana (spiritual practices ).It is  known as five  ‘S’ . Swamiji explains  it in his inimitable style :  “A man  should be educated  and  healthy in its true sense .Then  he should work for  himself which is  ‘Shrama ‘.When he works for others, it is Seva and when  the work is devoted to paramatma , it becomes  ‘Sadhana’.

The cut and thrust of swamiji’s philosophy is Viswatma chetana. This is a broad and comprehensive term which ultimately corresponds to the ideal of Vedanta and the essence of spirituality. Atmabhava becomes Viswatma Bhava when it expands and spreads .When one feels for oneself ,he can  feel the same for the entire humankind  and the universe as well. Man is the inseparable part of the universe .Drop melts into the sea ,like wise man can unite with the existence .Unity  with existence is life’s real achievement , rest are worldly illusions .  

Viswatma chetana  is the clarion call of swamiji which is based on humanitarianism and cosmopolitanism .To ignite and awaken  Viswatma Bhava ,swamiji tours various places all over India and preaches the masses to inculcate this ideal in their  hearts and minds which can give the real solace  to today’s world ,bristling with antagonisms and animosities .Swamiji forgets  not repeating : Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the entire world is an extended family ) , Manur Bhava (Be a man ) , Atmo dipo Bhava (Be a light into yourself ) , Paropkarah punyaya (Doing  good to others is the greatest virtue  ) , Krinvantu viswamaryam (make the world great ) .

There are five main pillar of Viswatmachetana Parishad, these are.

1. Sikshya    ( Education )

2. Swasthya ( Helth)

3. Shrama    (Karmayoga)

4. Sheva       (Services)

5. Sadhana   (spiritual practices)

1. Sikshya ( Education ) :

The aim of education should not confined to transform a student to accumulate only professional knowledge like Doctor , Engineer, Scientist , Farmer etc. Education should transform a student to human including respective professional skills.
Swamijee Says “ Give me a Child I will transform him to a Human” .
In the field of Education Viswatma Vidya Mandir Plays the major role. A Fully Functioning residential High School Section from class - 6th to 10th at Ananda Niketan ( Ashram) , Khujenpali, Balangir, Odisha, India. There were 1000 students on roll during the session. Apart from this there are many branches of schools(Baner ,Sambalpur, Bundubahal) are functioning in various parts of Odisha.
H.H. Swamijee Maharaj has adopted some economically poor students and made suitable arrangements for their free and better education. In addition to curricular activities Cultural and Spiritual classes including Mantra Chanting and Yoga classes are being conducted on regular basic.

Publication of viswatma chetana parishad

Swamiji is an eloquent speaker  and a prolific writer .His words are so heart-touching that they can revolutionize a man’s life by awakening  his consciousness from deep slumber .Swamiji can effortlessly  quote from shastras and present them with clarity of language and precision of thought .Swamiji not only delves into the spiritual  sea  of Indian shastras full of nectar but also he interprets them in the present day context .He always gives thrust on the contemporary issues and problems .Swamiji is also a  great poet and his  poetries are compiled and published in the form of a book called “ Mukta chintan “ . His poetries touch an arena of  subjects from life to death and from man to god .  

The Ritambhara Prajna Prakashan published Swamijees devine speeches and enlightening pravachan in the form of books as listed below :-

1. Ritambhara Prajna Prasad (Hindi)

2. Upasana Ra Swarupa (Odia)

3. Bhajan Bharati (Odia & Hindi)

4. Mukta Chintan (Hindi)

5. Dharma Dharmanirapakshyata Aur Bharat (Hindi)

6. Hari Ichha Balavan (Hindi)

7. Radha Tatwa Darshan (Odia)

8. Acharya Shankar (Hindi & English)

9. Religion Secularism & India (English & hindi)

10. Ras Rahashya (Hindi & Odia)

11. Navaratra Upasana Ka Tatwtik Swarup (Hindi)

12. Tera Sai Tohi Mai (Hindi)

13. Yugdharma Aur Manav (Hindi)

14. Gurubhakti geet (Odiya)

Swasthya ( Health ) -

Health is wealth. The Parishad gives much important to the health of every living being. So a charitable Dispensary namely "Shivananda Arogya Mandir" is being functioning at Viswatma Kutir, Thikadarpara, Balangir. It is giving free medical assistance to the patients. During the year around 3500 no. of patients were treated.

Shrama (Karmayoga)-

Wishers of the Parishad are doing praiseworthy works for the maintanance of the Ashrama, Ananda Niketan. The resident Brahmacharies and Sadhaks work in various departments of the Ashram such as - Goshala, Agriculture, Horticulture, Ritambhara Prajna Prakashan, Annapurna Annakshetra, Upasana Pitha and Shivananda Arogya Mandir selflessly.

Sheva (Services) -

Service to mankind is service to God. All activities of the Parishad is meant for the service not only for the human society but also for the entire universe. Accordingly the Parishad, follows the advice of H.H. Sri Swamijee Maharaj which can be stated like this " Do help to others according to his/her need and not for your own satisfaction. 

Sadhana(Spiritual practices) -

In order to reach our desired spiritual goal discipline is essential which we may call Sadhana, Japa & Dhyana, Asan and Pranayam, Bhajan and kirtan are conducting on regular basic at Ananda Niketan. So the Devotees and Disciples come regularly to Ananda Niketan for Upasana and yajna. These activities of Sadhana are carried out under the direct supervision and guidance of H.H. Swamijee Maharaj. Morning prayer-cum meditation is a daily feature from 5 A.M. to 6 A.M. at Vidya Mandir. Morning Arati and Geeta Chainting are daily feature from 6A.M. to 7A.M. at Upasana Pitha. Daily worship is conducted in Upasana, Aradhana Pitha and Ashutoshpitha in the early morning and evening. Special functions were held during the year on the occasions of important ceremonies weekly Rudrabhisek also conducted in regular basis.

Social Welfare Activities

Annapurna Annakshetra

The parishad provides food free of cost as ‘Prasad’ to its inmates and other saints and guests visiting the Ashram . Thousands of visitors throughout the year are being fed through this branch of the parishad .On festive  occasions , programmes and sammelans conducted by the parishad , Annapurna  Annakshetra sets into motion to serve Prasad to one and all who throng here in large  numbers from various parts of the country and abroad .

Viswatma Sevak Mandal

Viswatma Sevak Mandal is the youth wing of parishad .Any  change in the human civilization  can be brought out mainly by the youth who are the backbone of the society .A healthy society  can be envisaged by the effective use of youth energy which in  the present time is being misused  and misdirected .The role of the youth  is an  essential prerequisite for the society to grow in different spectrums. Undoubtedly ,a great  deal of  youth force is required to rebuild and reconstruct the corroding social fabric of the world . VCP in general and Viswatma Sevak Mandal in particular  has been very conscious about ensuring the effective use of the  youth energy through  its manifold activities . Viswatma Sevak Mandal  is organizing seminars , youth camps  and conferences from time to time in order to train the youth to work for a better and greater future .Viswatma  Sevak Mandal strives to inculcate in the  youth scientific outlook entwined with spiritual bent of mind   .  
Membership :
Any young  man having faith in the aims and objectives of the parishad  can apply to the office of the parishad by filling of the form in proper format to  become a member of Viswatma Sevak Mandal .

Rehabilitation Programme :
It is seen now-a- days  that in their attempt to enjoy sense pleasure , the youth fritter away their energies in the ugliest ways .Viswatma  Sevak Mandal  embanks upon some  innovating rehabilitation measures to address the issue .Significantly , the volunteers  of Sevak Mandal take up the cudgels to identify the impecunious young man as well as  the youth  who have been derailed from the society’s main stream ,to bring them to its rehabilitation centres .They are with the blessings of  swamiji ,helped and guided .

Prajna Shakti Mandal :
Prajna Shakti Mandal is the women wing  of the parishad  .What is of enormous importance is that  women  here are given  the fullest opportunity to flower themselves . Women in all ages have enjoyed  a special standing  with their being variegated under different circumstances .Women have become epitome of kindness and tolerance and they have set examples as universal mothers with oodles of love and affection springing from their hearts .Swamiji addresses  every women as ‘mother ‘ because mother is the dearest one on earth .It is the need of the hour to bring women to forefront in different walks of life and give them freedom to grow. Swamiji vehemently opposes the economic tactic to market women as a commodity .Women are the embodiment of Prajna and Shakti .Any derogation is bound to bring social diseases which are rampant in our society today . 

Membership :
Any women having faith and  regard for the parishad  can become  a member of Prajna Shakti Mandal by applying to the office of the parishad in the proper format .

Activities :
In every activity undertaken by the parishad women are given due importance and they participate in those activities with full enthusiasm by shouldering high responsibility .Special sessions for women are  being organized by Prajna Shakti Mandal periodically at various places throughout calendar year in order to streamline the energies of women and allow their consciousness to expand so that they can  become the front-runners in disseminating  the message of Viswatma chetana . 


i) To develop spiritual awareness in the society.

ii) To build up lives based on the concept of Vedic Tradition.

iii) To create harmony and co-ordination amongst different religious sects and groups.

iv) To eradicate social evils, religious superstitions and other impurities in order to bring a revolutionary change to uphold dignity and purity of Sanatan Dharma.

v) To promote life based on "Sadhana" through the ancient Indian Gurukula System.

vi) To establish Ashrams based on ancient Indian culture and traditions.

vii) To impart medical treatment of various kinds such as Ayurvedic, Homoeopathy, Allopathic, Yoga and Naturopathy for the health and wellbeing of all, with special emphasis to the poor and downtrodden masses.

viii) Propagation of Yogic culture and education with an aim to bring out a harmonious development of body, mind and spirit.

ix) Rendering selfless services to the poor and the distressed.

x) Organizing Shrama Sivirs (Labor camps) in order to inculcate the value of dignity of labour in the minds of the people in general and the youth in particular.

xi) To build up human character free from all sorts of discriminations based on religion, caste, creed and colour.

xii) To promote and conduct literary, scientific, social, cultural and spiritual activities and to facilitate research in such fields.

xiii) To establish, maintain, take over, manage or render assistance to schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals/dispensaries, temples, ashrams and other spirituals centers or institutions throughout the country as the Parishad in its wisdom will deem proper from time to time.

xiv) The Parishad will have its on publication unit with both print and electronic mediums. It will publish books, journals, spiritual magazines and produce Cassettes and C.Ds. both audio and video.

xv) To organise seminars, conferences, festivals, yajnas and spiritual classes to spread the education of yoga, vedanta and other branches of spiritual sciences.

xvi) The Parishad will have its women's wing named as "Prajna Shakti Mandal" for the spiritual growth and development of women and to bring them to the social mainstream.

xvii) The Parishad have its youth wing in order to channel the energies of the youth for the societal development and to inculcate in them the priceless human and spiritual values.

xviii) The Parishad will endeavor to impart spiritual samskaras in hearts and minds of the children who are the real buds and flowers in the garden of God.

Viswatma Chetana Parishad

“Ananda Niketan”,


Dist : Bolangir .

State : Odisha

Country : India.

PIN Code : 767002.

Ph. (06652) 232719, 232819.

Cell : 9437039819.

swamiji  delivered a devotional  speech 

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Shiva Tattwa: Ashirvachan of Paramahansa Satyaprajnananda Saraswati on 2012 Shivaratri


Ashirvachan of Paramahansa swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati  speech delivered on 2012 Shivaratri: Shiva Tattwa 

HH swamiji on kailashnatheswar cave , Chattishgargh
By the grace of Lord Ashutosh Shankar, again we have got the opportunity to sit at his feet and worship Him. As you all know, today is ‘Mahashivaratri’. Ratri and Ratra these two words are used synonymously and interchangeably in relation to Upasana (worship). For example, Navaratri or Navaratra, Shivaratri or Shivaratra. Generally we understand ratri as night. But ratra has two connotations _ one is practical and the other is spiritual. Ratri means night in general parlance, but the real meaning of ratra is knowledge or wisdom.Very recently we had been to Puri, the holy shrine of Lord Jagannath to attend Jagannath Pancharatra organised by Jagannath temple administration. Many saints and seers including Jagadguru Sankaracharya and Gajapati Maharaj graced the occasion and endeavoured to systematize the functioning of Jagannath Pancharatra which is an ancient term. In our scriptures, we have Narada Pancha Ratra which is used invariably. ‘Ratra’ according to Narada Pancharatra is knowledge. See, Sivaratri does’nt mean worshipping in the night only, but this worship is ‘Aahoratra’ which means throughout the day and night (24 hours). But today the thrust is on night. Why ? We begin the worship from the day. When in India it is day, for America it is night. Therefore taking the world as a whole there is not so much of importance on day and night. The emphas is isattached to ‘Aahoratra’ (Hole day and night)  There is difference of opinions in the shastras. Brahmaji was coming from Brahma loka and on the other hand Vishnuji was also coming in search of “Who am I ?” “Where am I ?” “ How am I ?” “ Who has made me up?” These are the questions of life. What is this life and the world ? Brahmaji and Vishnuji met each other at a place. Brahmaji asked Vishnuji _ Who are you ? Vishnuji replied _Don’t you know me ? I have given birth to you. You came up from my umbilical cord. Brahmaji again said _ I don’t know you. Vishnuji told _ I am Vishnu, the creator of this universe, the preserver of it and the destroyer of the same. All the three acts are done by me. Brahmaji asked _ I create the world. Where have you come from? This is the story of mythology, but it symbolizes something. In the process of this discussion, a divine Jyotirlinga manifested and a massage sounded from the sky _ O’ Brahma and Vishnu ! Why do you fight with each other? The truth is that I am the real creator of both you. Both of them were astonished and they decided to search for the reality. Brahmaji in the guise of a swan started flying in the sky and Vishnuji in the guise of a boar started going downwards.
Swamiji in thoughtful mood on Kharsiyan ,  Chattishgargh

Vishnuji went on downwards but failed to search out the truth and he returned at the end. Jyotirlinga has no beginning and no end. Jyotirlinga is limitless. But when Brahmaji was going upwards a ‘Ketaki flower’ fell from the head of Lord Shiva. Brahmaji caught that fiower and came to Vishnu saying that he had met the truth and he is the gratest of the universe. Vishnuji told _ May be, you might have known. But what is the proof ? Brahmaji replied _ The clinching proof is this flower. Ask this flower. The ‘ketaki’ flower also gave a false statement that it was on the head of Shankar and Brahma has got me from there. Vishnuji told _ So it be, but I can’t believe myself. If the Jyotirlinga which was manifested between Brahmaji and me tells the truth, then I would believe. Then thereon again a Massage sounded from the sky that Brahma is telling a lie and the Ketaki flower is also deposing falsehood. Therefore, henceforth this Ketaki flower will not adorn my head. Lord Shankar gave up that flower since then. Brahmaji also felt ashamed and begged excuse. What I mean to say is that on this auspicious day, Jyotirlinga was manifested in between Brahmaji and Vishnuji. And Lord Shankar told both of them that on this day both of you will worship me in form of the Linga. My foundation will be shakti. Therefore Linga is founded on Shakti and it is the symbol of Lord Shankar. The entire universe begins and manifests itself from Linga and it merges in the Linga at the end. Shivalinga is therefore worshipped as the union of Shiva and Shakti and it is in the form of light, jyoti. Paramatma in our scripture is worshipped as jyoti. Paramatma is known to us as two fold_ Sakar and Nirakar _ Form and Formless. Shiva when takes the form is known as Shankar. Shankar _ one who does good for all. “VandeShivam Shankaram”. _ Salutations to Shiva and Shankar .

Swamiji on shivaratri mahtsav- 2011 , Anand niketan , balangir 

 Today we remain awake throughout the day and night in remembrance of Lord Ashutosh. In spiritual parlance night is meant for awakening. Lord Srikrishna says in the Gita.. “When at night all beings are asleep the man of self .. restraint is awake.” When it is night for all beings, the spiritual aspirant is awake. It means night is for awakening. How is night meaningful for our life? Night makes us engrossed with its tentacles of ‘Moha’. All people of the world are caught at night by Moha. Ratri symbolises darkness, it is the symbol of Tamogunas ( dark qualities). ‘Day’ is the symbol of light or knowledge. We work throughout the day and go to sleep at night. Sleep doesn’t mean rest only. ‘Nisha’ means night. Nisha intoxicates the life or consciouness and hence its name is ‘Nisha’. Intoxicated man goes to sleep. One doesn’t know anything in sleep. At the stage of ‘Sushupti’, man forgets himself completely. He doesn’t know where is he,what is he doing and so on. ‘Who am I ?’ .. this consciousness doesn’t remain in sushupti. If man goes to sleep at night, night becomes a cause for escalating his intoxication or Moha. Therefore in spiritual world, Guru tells the aspirants to remain awake at night. How to be awake ? To be awake in relation to the soul. If this practice continues, if you know how to be awake, then every night will become Sivaratri for you.

 ‘Ashiv’ means bad omens, something which is sad or sorrowful, but “Shiv’ means good, welfare and well being of all. When every night in our life will become Shivratri ? When we will be awaken in the night . In this regard Shivratri for a Spiritual aspirant is a night meant for spiritual practices . We will be awaken today in the name of Lord Shankar. Let us practise to be awake. This is one part but the other part is that on this auspicious day, paramatma manifested himself in the form of Linga or Jyotirlinga. In the Linga purana and the Shiv purana this has been thoroughly discussed. Once there was a conflict between Brahmaji and Visnuji. Brahmaji wanted to know where he was and how he was and in process of searching he witnessed Lord Vishnu comfortably sleeping on Ananta sajya.

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Paramahansa swami satyaprajnananda saraswati

“Paramansa Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati”  .

Date of Birth:
10th September,1956

Place of Birth: Lukapara, Raigarh, Chattisgarh, India
Birth Name: Purushottam Sharma
Guru/Teacher: Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Philosophy: Viswatmachetana ( The consciousness of Universal Unity )

Quote: Differences are the real beauty of Nature. We have diverse geographical, social and economic condition. So we do have different ways of life that is our religion. We can’t merge all religion into a single religion. But we can unite the all mankind by consciousness of divine unity (realization of unite supreme sole)

Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati is the symbol of wisdom and Love , a self realized Sanyas with very simple life style. His holiness is hidden himself in the most backward part of India ( Bolangir Odisha) . and dedicated to serve to poorest of the poor. He founded Viswatma Chetana Parishad (V.C.P.) which runs as a socio-spiritual organization. V.C.P. has mainly the five fold objectives of Siksha (Education), Swasthya (Health), Shrama (Labour), Seva (Service) and Sadhana (Spiritual Practices). This sequence, according to Swamijee, shows the way to lead a holistic life. Magnanimity and synthesis, the ethos of Indian Culture, fascinate Swamijee. Hence, V.C.P. is an organization of repute which does not discriminate between sects, communities, castes, creeds and religions. And V.C.P is serving the most backward part of India for three decades.
Swamijee is presently developing his Ashram : Ananda Niketan (situated in the district of Bolangir, Orissa, India) as his karmabhoomi. Ananda Niketan, with its enhancing greenery and ravishing beauty, gives the real bliss or Ananda. A School for 1000 student, yoga and ancient Indian spiritual practice are going on with the gracious presence for Swamiji.
Swami Jee always say he want to serve to the common people of poorest part of India. With a great philosophy Vishwatma Bhava ( the Soul of universe) . he respect to all religions and always says we can’t make a single religion in the world by destroying. But we can unite all sect to one Dharma by wisdom the Vishwatma Bhava (unite soul of universe) . the differences are the real beauty of the universe. As we have different geographical situation and it is obvious to have different ways of life. So we do have different religions . these are the outer world. But in depth we are bounded with a single supreme energy that is the soul of universe. For this swamijee had organized two Maha Sammelan ( great Gathering ) in 2005 and 2010 in Bolangir and Kalahandi , odisha ( Orissa) . There he invited all religion spiritual leader and different hindu sect leader in a single stage. Including the discussion of religion unity it was blessed with, Vishnu maha Yagna , Yoga Yagna, Annpurna Yagna, Gyan Yagna and nama Yagna. Nearly one million people gathered there and get the elegance essence of light . the motive is to spread the Vishwatma Vava to the universe.