Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paramahansa swami satyaprajnananda saraswati

“Paramansa Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati”  .

Date of Birth:
10th September,1956

Place of Birth: Lukapara, Raigarh, Chattisgarh, India
Birth Name: Purushottam Sharma
Guru/Teacher: Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Philosophy: Viswatmachetana ( The consciousness of Universal Unity )

Quote: Differences are the real beauty of Nature. We have diverse geographical, social and economic condition. So we do have different ways of life that is our religion. We can’t merge all religion into a single religion. But we can unite the all mankind by consciousness of divine unity (realization of unite supreme sole)

Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati is the symbol of wisdom and Love , a self realized Sanyas with very simple life style. His holiness is hidden himself in the most backward part of India ( Bolangir Odisha) . and dedicated to serve to poorest of the poor. He founded Viswatma Chetana Parishad (V.C.P.) which runs as a socio-spiritual organization. V.C.P. has mainly the five fold objectives of Siksha (Education), Swasthya (Health), Shrama (Labour), Seva (Service) and Sadhana (Spiritual Practices). This sequence, according to Swamijee, shows the way to lead a holistic life. Magnanimity and synthesis, the ethos of Indian Culture, fascinate Swamijee. Hence, V.C.P. is an organization of repute which does not discriminate between sects, communities, castes, creeds and religions. And V.C.P is serving the most backward part of India for three decades.
Swamijee is presently developing his Ashram : Ananda Niketan (situated in the district of Bolangir, Orissa, India) as his karmabhoomi. Ananda Niketan, with its enhancing greenery and ravishing beauty, gives the real bliss or Ananda. A School for 1000 student, yoga and ancient Indian spiritual practice are going on with the gracious presence for Swamiji.
Swami Jee always say he want to serve to the common people of poorest part of India. With a great philosophy Vishwatma Bhava ( the Soul of universe) . he respect to all religions and always says we can’t make a single religion in the world by destroying. But we can unite all sect to one Dharma by wisdom the Vishwatma Bhava (unite soul of universe) . the differences are the real beauty of the universe. As we have different geographical situation and it is obvious to have different ways of life. So we do have different religions . these are the outer world. But in depth we are bounded with a single supreme energy that is the soul of universe. For this swamijee had organized two Maha Sammelan ( great Gathering ) in 2005 and 2010 in Bolangir and Kalahandi , odisha ( Orissa) . There he invited all religion spiritual leader and different hindu sect leader in a single stage. Including the discussion of religion unity it was blessed with, Vishnu maha Yagna , Yoga Yagna, Annpurna Yagna, Gyan Yagna and nama Yagna. Nearly one million people gathered there and get the elegance essence of light . the motive is to spread the Vishwatma Vava to the universe.

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